The Ultimate Virtual Host for Vacation Rentals

Create amazing guest experiences and earn more money - with less effort!

What is SABA Host?

SABA Host is a digital version of you. There to answer all your guest's questions, give recommendations, and provide instructions whenever they need. Your guest just types questions into their phone (like they were texting a friend), and the answer is instantly provided, without you having to do a thing. So while you sleep, work or enjoy time with family and friends, SABA Host is looking after your guest's every need, to ensure a 5 star experience for that 5 star review.

This easy to access virtual host lives and breaths with guests from the moment they book to the time they checkout. And they don't have to download a thing!

Why SABA Host?

Host Benefits

The SABA Virtual Host and Guidebook gives you back your precious time while providing guests everything they need for a hassle-free and memorable stay. By incorporating our award winning guest communication technology into your private rental property, every host can....

  • Save time by automating answers to guest questions and communication.

  • Increase revenue by effortlessly offering guests the additional services they already want and need.

  • Improve your online ranking by ensuring happy guests leave great reviews, and reducing negative reviews.

  • Enhance the guest stay and separate yourself from the competition by using technology specifically designed to create seamless and unique guest experiences.

Save Time

Generate Revenue

Improve Online Ranking

Enhance the Guest Stay

Guest Benefits

Giving your guests their very own virtual host to guide them through their stay creates a level of convenience and engagement that is unmatched in the private rental market. Whether it's directions, access to instructions, or parking availability, providing instant access to all property and neighborhood information, as well as insider tips, directly to a guest's own mobile device will:

  • Eliminate guest frustration of waiting for simple answers to simple questions.

  • Create hassle-free stay that will have guests return and recommend your property to friends.

  • Provide easy access to host recommendations to curate a truly unique and memorable stay.

Local Attractions

City Information

Drive Host Recommendations

Revenue Generator

Awesome Features

Technology opens up a world of opportunity, and going digital in your property will allow you to give guests tools that hard copy guide book and property manuals simply cannot. Check out these cool features every host will get when they subscribe to SABA Host.

Automated chat

Whatever your guests could ask, we have the answer. And it's automated. So not only do they get the answer instantly, but your work or leisure time doesn't get interrupted.

Automated answers include information on:

  • Property Amenities

  • Directions

  • Property Facilities

  • Surrounding Area

  • Property services

  • Appliance Instructions

  • Food and Beverage

  • Check-in/out instructions

Whatever your guest could ask, SABA Host has the answer!

Add Tips and Attractions

Our map creation tool allows you to quickly and easily add all your tips and recommendations that will have guests leaving 5 star reviews and returning time and time again. Make recommendations on:

  • Food & restaurants

  • Bars & nightlife

  • Attractions & activities

  • Activities, Tours & Entertainment

  • Kids Activities

  • Transport & Travel Services

  • Food Delivery

  • Shopping

  • Health & Beauty

Food & Beverage

Attractions & Landmarks

Transportation & Travel Services

Revenue Generator

Generate additional revenue from every guest by offering them conveniences and services to enhance their stay.


Include services your guest already want such as :

  • Early check-in

  • Late-check-outs

  • Housekeeping & Cleaning Services

  • Family Amenities

  • Pet Items

  • Concierge Services

  • Gift & Welcome Amenities

Partner with local businesses to serve your guests at every point during their stay experience.

Digital Guidebook

While messaging is preferred by most of your guests, some simply like to browse. Our digital guidebook caters to guest types by providing your property info in a user-friendly, visually appealing, digital guide.


Include things like:

  • Welcome Information

  • Things to know

  • Arrival & Farewell Information

  • Property Manuals

  • Building Facilities

  • Neighborhood Information

  • Useful Websites

You only get one chance to make a first impression!


Concerned your foreign guests won't understand what you're telling them? There's no need to worry. SABA Host automatically translates all your property information into any language that your guest speaks, making communication a whole lot easier.

Removing language barriers is a critical component to any property looking to:

  • Provide more personalized and seamless guest experiences.

  • Eliminate the confusion and frustration of communication difficulties.

  • Drive revenue (people purchase more when they can communicate in their native language)

Online Ranking Optimizer 

Make sure every happy guest leaves you a great online review, and learn in real time when you have a guest who isn't fully satisfied. That way you can take steps to rectify any problems before your guest checks-out or leaves a damaging online review.

Our live chat functionality will also allow for a seamless transition to a personal chat should your guests want to speak with a property manager or owner.

Real-time Feedback

Super Host

Multi-Lingual Virtual Host Interface (Chatbot)

Local Area Map with Exciting Categories

Unlimited Host Recommendations

Offer & Promotions featuring 'What's On'

Digital Guidebook

Comprehensive Administration Dashboard

Guest Request Module with Host Chat

Request Email Notifications

Customer Feedback Function

Service Request Form

Affiliated Marketing Module

Digital Property Onboarding Wizard

Customizable Branding and Look & Feel

Accessible Across All Devices

No Downloads

Customer Support

All SABA Host functions plus

Multi-Property Functionality

Shopping Cart Services Module

SMS notifications and Alert Management

Summary Dashboard

Onboarding Call

Application Analytics

Push Messaging (Android Only)


User Management

Please contact SABA Hospitality for pricing options which may vary depending on the size and complexity of your operations.