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Engaging staff through creative play
Why use Gamification in my hotel?
Greater Staff Engagement
Improved Commercial Outcomes
Better Corporate Culture

Motivate your staff through fun

90% of staff find working in a fun environment extremely engaging

A fun corporate culture is highly desirable by the modern worker

Highly engaged staff significantly reduces staff turnover

Gamification facilitates learning and decreases training time 

Reward staff and teams for high performance or achieving goals

A platform built specifically to meet your hotels needs

Engaging staff to create an emotional response in guests, linking them to your hotel and stimulating return visits

Grow profit through increased revenue and decreased staff turnover 

Gaming modules are fully customizable and designed to specifically align with key hotel KPI's

Use games to decrease training times and improve staff performance

Monitor staff and department performance and customize tasks to meet your hotel goals

90% of employees find a fun working environment extremely motivating

Will gamification work in my hotel?

81% of workers are not satisfied in their job, and 70% are not engaged

The millennial worker want to be engaged through fun

70% of the worlds top 2000 companies use gamification to achieve the results they want

HP increased revenue by US$ 1 billion using gamification, while Deloite decreased training time by 50%

Apple and Google are seen as the most desired companies to work at by millenials due to the culture they have built through fun