A suite of hotel-specific tools to Maximize Guest Engagement 

An agile, cutting-edge engagement suite to suit your Hotel and Casino's needs

SABAGuest Capture: Maximize hotel & F&B online / offline profile with excellent reviews

SABAGuest Request: Guests engage with a personalized automated virtual assistant on- and off-property

SABAGuest Connect: Improve guest experiences with an automated pre, during and post-guest connect platform




Customize your suite to suit your needs. 

A platform truly fit for purpose.

Introducing SABAGuest Request!
Personalized Experience

Engage guests with their own personal  virtual assistant for all in room requests. Available 24/7 at the touch of a button. No need for human intervention.

Increased Staff Efficiency

Free-up time for employees to engage with guests in a more personalized and meaningful manner, while significantly reducing  workloads.

Improved Guest Satisfaction

A communication platform allowing guests to easily execute requests while off property. The next level of customer service has arrived.

A personalized virtual assistant for the ultimate guest engagement.

Designed to meet all your guest In room requests from requesting a toothbrush to ordering a meal

A multi-language in room guest request platform. Secure & flexible set-up so you control who has access.

No download required to maximise uptake and convenience.

Integrates with major social media platforms for easy integration into your property's guest management strategy.

A platform designed to reward staff for engaging with guests

Welcome to SABAGuest Capture!
Drive Volume of Quality Online Reviews

Capture and automate actions on all 'Surprise & Delight' guest-facing moments

Eliminate Negative Reviews

Real time on-property recovery to minimize damaging reviews that negatively impact  your online reputation.

Improve Your F&B online Reputation

Capture your most satisfied in house dining guests to drive volume of quality reviews, ensuring your restaurant's online reputation is always under control

Monitor guest engagements in real time

Monitor and control the engagement levels in your property with SABA's real-time engagement feed. Know which staff are performing at all times.


Our custom platform eliminates the need to use 3rd party applications, allowing your staff to talk securely on your own dedicated network.


Send instant alerts to key personnel about the arrival /departure of VIP Guests or critical situations, ensuring your most important guests feel truly special.

Instant Defect Resolution

Instant recording of property defects by all staff for immediate notification to relevant resolver groups.

Capture, Convert & Control your guest experiences

Management dashboards for full visibility of property and staff performance.

Fully customizable to maintain a personalized feel in line with your corporate messaging style

Encourage staff engagement with SABA through gamification techniques

SABAGuest Connect is here!
Get Feedback When it Counts

Don't wait for the review. Know how your guest is feeling during their stay so you can act when it really matters. 

Measure the 'Mood' of Your Guests

How are you guests feeling? Are they happy? Disappointed? Angry? Know the overall sentiment at your hotel at all times.

Automated Guest Engagement

What if only your most satisfied guests left online reviews? What if you could identify and reach out to dissatisfied guests to resolve their issues? And the entire process was automated?  Now you can!

Control the narrative of your online & offline profile

Control your hotel & restaurant online reputation by knowing who your most satisfied guests are to leave publicly visible reviews 

Grow the number of  5-star reviews by automating reviews immediately following 'Delight & Surprise' moments

Automated outreach to guests during their stay to ensure you are meeting their needs

Identify guest stay sentiment and react when it matters

Significantly improve your existing guest feedback survey results and meet your property KPI

The ultimate engagement ecosystem

SABAGuest  is designed by hoteliers, for hoteliers, so you have an easy-to-use, centralized communication and engagement management platform to track all activity on your property, manage all requests and supercharge your online profile.