It’s important that you understand what information SABA Hospitality collects, uses and how you can control it.

We explain it in greater detail in our Privacy Policy. You can review the key points below in regards to personal data collection.

The only time the application will request for your personal information are for the following reasons.

  • When requesting for services and placing food and beverage orders you will be asked to provide your name and room number so we can authenticate that you are a legitimate guest within the hotel at the time of the request.

  • Booking services and facilities such as Spa treatments or Restaurant reservations will require you to provide your contact Information such as email, address, phone number, room number and name so that the booking can be processed and confirmation can be provided.

Your engagement with the text chat function is used by SABA Hospitality to provide information that you have requested for and to process your requests with the chat function using the automated response system or direct text communication with a hotel staff member