For Immediate Release’s new BookingSuite Launches Partnership with SABA Hospitality

AI-focused guest engagement tools at the forefront of travel giant’s global trade-focused platform launch

5 March, 2019 (Macau): SABA Hospitality Technology Solutions, a Macau-based hospitality technology specialist, has announced a partnership with BookingSuite, a subsidiary, launching in Berlin this week at ITB, the world’s most prestigious hospitality trade show.

Benefiting from’s resources and years of industry experience, BookingSuite will empower accommodation providers to deliver exceptional guest experiences through various technology innovations.

SABA Hospitality’s portfolio is focused on transforming guest engagement and hotel operations, with one of its signature products, the SABAGuest Chatbot, attracting the attention of some of the world’s largest hotel and resort operators.

Alexander Wessels, Executive Director of Accounts & Partnerships and Co-Founder of SABA Hospitality, explains: “In BookingSuite, we have found a partner that aligns with our core principles of innovation and placing the guest at the forefront of technological advancements.

“For us, BookingSuite’s global infrastructure allows accommodation providers around the world to access our solutions instantly and securely via a Single Sign On (SSO) through their existing account. The ability to access our products, along with a variety of hospitality applications with a single click really provides operators a richer product experience through a globally trusted brand.”

Partnering with BookingSuite, a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest online travel agencies, has certainly extended SABA Hospitality’s reach and accessibility. But it has also resulted in some exciting product developments and user-focused modifications , as Wessels explains:

“One of the frustrations when implementing software solutions, especially chatbots, has been the lack of control operators possess following deployment. Any changes to the look and feel or content usually required the involvement of expensive and time-intensive development.

“We wanted to give operators the ability to make real-time changes to their chatbot interface, without our involvement. That way the solution always aligns to their current offerings without additional costs.

“We are very lucky to have an incredible team of developers. Having personally worked in hotel operations over 10 years, we provide solutions from Hoteliers for Hoteliers - which is certainly unique in the tech market. This involves developing solutions that fully consider all operational impacts and allow for smooth integration into existing systems. There is plenty of tech out there which appears beneficial in theory, but operationally it just doesn’t mesh with the hotel environment and the true day-to-day objectives and needs of hoteliers.”

With a pipeline of projects extending throughout Asia and the Pacific region, SABA Hospitality’s partnership with BookingSuite will accelerate the rapid growth and demand experienced by the specialist hospitality technology provider since its launch.

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