Hear from our Customers: Anya Resort Tagaytay

“Our resort re-opened with a strong focus on a safe guest experience and sanitized spaces, like all hotels around the world. But we went a step further and introduced our digital engagement platform “Ask Anya”, taking our contactless experience to the next level, without compromising our guest service."

"We introduce guests to the solution on check-in and they then scan a QR code to access the platform. It’s that easy and there’s no requirement to download an app, which has resulted in a fantastic uptake. For us, we not only digitized our in-room compendium, but have incorporated new features in response to the new ‘operational norm’ that now exists. Guests complete their health declarations through the platform, and we use the solution to offer ‘on demand’ services such as the minibar, which has allowed us to continue generating valuable revenue."

"Then there is the automated chat (or chatbot), which gives guests all the information they need instantly to their mobile phone, and has had a huge impact on reducing call volumes to our reception."

"Overall the system is user-friendly, easy to set-up and maintain, and has given us a lot of flexibility during a difficult time. Our guests love it, and so do we!”

Noli Soldevilla

Resort Manager

Anya Resort Tagaytay