Hospitality HR Chatbot

Better connected employees for greater efficiency and job satisfaction

What is the

SABA HR Chatbot?

The SABA HR Chatbot provides each hotel or group a centralized employee communication hub, where staff can access personalized, on-demand services which save them time and allow more time to engage in meaningful guest interactions. From training, to hotel specific information, rosters or leave requests, our digital HR manager provides instant and automated information 24/7, not just during regular business hours. The solution can be accessed from any device or workstation, helping to eliminate inefficient, repetitive and costly tasks in a manner which will leave your employees more engaged and happier.

Why the 

SABA HR Chatbot?

We provide a fit for purpose solution designed specifically for the hotel and gaming market. It is designed by a team of experienced, executive hoteliers who understand the core operational needs of hotels and integrated resorts. No other product combines the depth of key operational knowledge and experience in information-technology management to offer a solution that specifically aligns employee behavior with measurable business goals. 

Using automation to solve hospitality's greatest problems

Our artificial intelligence driven communication platform will stimulate an environment where employee's feel more connected to each other and their employer, and adopt a mindset of personal growth and service excellence.  

Creating one centralized, multi-lingual knowledge database, which automatically manages staff interaction, will significantly negate the impacts of:

  • Rising labor costs

  • A disengaged and highly transient workforce

  • Language barriers among your staff

  • Inefficient HR processes

  • Ineffective staff training

  • Managing an increasing volume of staff enquiries

“due to an increasingly distributed workforce, widespread adoption of mobile technologies and a changing employee demographic, which includes millennial workers, corporate training is getting reshaped and is becoming more data and artificial intelligence driven.”

Simply Feature Rich

With the ability to reside on any device, and no need for downloads, your staff will engage in a platform that:

  • Automatically handles common employee requests such as sick leave and reference letters.

  • Instantly provides staff with information (e.g. hotel specifics, employee benefits, bus schedules).

  • Provides live chat functionality.

  • Captures the mood of your employees.

  • Speaks any language.

  • Is available anywhere, at any time, on or off property.

  • Provides a digital employee handbook which instantly displays updates without costly printing.

  • Can be used as a central communication hub for multiple properties.