Chinese visitors now represent Australia's largest traveller demographic

The Opportunity

By 2027-28 Chinese visitor numbers will rise 279% to 3.9 million per year

Chinese tourists spend more than any other visitor demographic

In 2026-27 Chinese visitor expenditure is estimated to be AUD$26 billion

The Problem

Language barriers are still the predominant concern for the 1.4 million Chinese tourists vising Australia

People are less likely to purchase goods and services when unable to do so in their native language

High wages  makes hiring staff specifically to manage language barriers expensive and detrimental to  property's material profitability

The Solution

An automated hotel guest Information and request platform designed to be used on guests mobile devices in their own language.

A platform that fulfils the needs and wants of the modern Chinese traveller by allowing seemless communication on their messaging platforms (WeChat &Line) without the need of downloading another application

Eliminates all guest and staff language barriers whilst enhancing the guest experience.

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