SABAGuest - Improved guest engagement through personalized communication

Enhance your guest experience and streamline hotel operations through highly personalized communication using your guests preferred communication style

Winner of the 'People's Choice Award' for most innovative new technology at HITEC Minneapolis


What is SABAGuest?

SABAGuest is an automated, 360 degree, communication platform for hotels. Our intelligent hotel chatbot uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize the guest experience and drive conversations by answering guest questions, taking requests, making recommendations and helping to book hotel services. Our natural language processing algorithm will understand the intent of your guests, and respond instantly with on-brand communication.

This easy to access guest service agent lives and breaths with guests from the moment they book , to the time they check out. And they don't need to download a thing!


Why SABAGuest?

Hotel Information

Instant access to hotel information and services

SABAGuest is trained to understand the true intent of guest queries, and assess the guests sentiment to ensure a superior user experience. It will answer all guest questions and respond to service requests to ensure maximal engagement and service quality:

  • Request hotel amenities

  • Order F&B

  • Request hotel services

  • Make complaints

  • Set wake-up calls

  • Make booking requests your guests native language

Request Hotel Amenities
Service Requests
Order F&B
Book Hotel Services
Drive Hotel Profitability

By automating repetitive, low-value communication, SABAGuest frees up staff to engage in meaningful guest interactions and more complex tasks.

SABAGuest is also perfectly suited to growing hotel revenue through personalized communication. 

Stimulate increased uptake of hotel services and facilities by customizing:  

  • F &B menus

  • Specials and pomotions

  • Restaurant recommendations

  • Guest activities

Manage Labor Costs
Drive Revenue
Customized Offers
Give guests that authentic, local experience

SABAGuest will give guests that truly local experience they desire by recommending:

  • The best bars and restaurants (even those hidden gems)

  • Local sights and attractions

  • Tours

It even knows:

  • What the weather will be

  • The exchange rate

  • The location of nearby attractions and businesses

  • Directions to public transportation 

Recommend bars and Restaurants
Local Attractions
City Information

SABAGuest can sit anywhere

Hotel Website

Existing Loyalty apps

Guests Mobile Devices

Social Media Integrations

Facebook Messenger




*WhatsApp integration coming soon

What do guests think?

SABAGuest will boost guest engagement by collecting real-time guest feedback, and allowing you to understand the sentiment of your guests while they are still on property. You can now correct any service failures before a guest departs, while driving satisfied guests to your online ratings platforms.


SABAGuest will also provide a seamless handover to a human guest service agent if the chatbot does not understand a guest query or they wish to speak with a live operator.

Real-time Feedback
Seamless chatbot to human handover

How do guests access SABAGuest?

Confirmation & Booking emails
Front Desk & Room Flyers
WiFi Authentication
Digital Signage
Website Chat Widgets
Guest Service Agent
Social Media Integrations
Existing Loyalty Applications

Lets Chat!

Chatbots are not the future of hospitality, they are its present. With the ability to engage all guests, no matter what language they speak, and reduce the work flow on front line staff, it's no wonder accommodation providers around the world are turning to artificial intelligence to enhance guest experiences and transform their operational efficiency.


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